Ask the best interview questions

Hands down the most difficult interview questions: “Do you have any questions for me?”. If this interview question gives you the “deer in headlights” look, you have definitely landed on the right blog post. Asking questions at the end of an interview is not only for your employer to check your research, but asking your interviewer questions gives you the opportunity to uncover if your goals and values  align with the company. If you mix company research and information from the job description with the following interview questions, you will be one step closer to grabbing your dream job!


1. How many persons are in the group as a total?
2. Is this office a satellite office/main office?
3. How does this office interact with others?
4. Does the company have a long range forecast?
5. How was the company changed since they’ve been there?
6. How does this job relate to the overall structure and goals of the corporation/group/department?

7. What special projects are being worked on that I would be involved with?
8. How would I spend a typical day?
9. Who would I be reporting to?
10. What is his/her background?
11. What type of management style does he/she practice?
12. How does this department interact with other departments?
13. How can I improve upon the performance of the last person?
14. If you have to pick one or two special characteristics that the next employee in this position should
possess, what would they be?
15. May I see the location of the work area?
16. What challenges have you faced in the past that you’d like to avoid in the future?
17. Where do I have the opportunity to make the most significant contribution?

18. How did you elevate your career to your current position?
19. How did you select (Company) as your employer?
20. How can I make an immediate impact on the bottom line of the department/company, etc.
21. If you could change or take back any previous decisions, what would it be and how would you do it?
22.  How long have you been with the company?
23.  Has your role changed since you’ve been here?
24.  What did you do before this?
25.  What’s your favorite part about working here?

26. How do I compare to other candidates you have seen so far?
27.  Where do I rank, in your mind, for this opportunity?
28.  What, if anything, about my background or experience would prevent us from moving forward in the process?
29.  Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful?
30. Can I answer any final questions for you?


Don’t leave your interviewer hanging! Make sure you show an interest, as well as get information that is important to you. If you need any more help with interviewing, or interview questions, check out our blog. Are you looking for a new position? Check out our jobs.

Author: Elyse L. Turner