In today’s world, professional networking is a necessity. Whether you network to get a new job, advance your career, obtain referrals, or just to meet new people, the need to interact and connect with others is important.

Many of us like the idea of networking more than networking itself. In other words, it’s common nature to feel awkward around new people, especially when you’re attending an event that urges you to professionally connect with others.

So are there other creative ways to network at ease?

Of course! Here are three non-traditional networking tips:

Networking Tactics


Contributing to a cause has some obvious benefits. For one, it’s a great feeling to give back to a community or organization you care about.

There are also networking benefits that can result from volunteering. Usually, there will be like-minded people that participate at these volunteering events. It is a way to show that you are considerate of others and want to make a difference. Even if you don’t professionally network at the event or cause, you can better market yourself by adding your charitable work to your resume or portfolio.

Create an Event

Instead of waiting for others to create an event that incorporates your favorite topic of interest or hobby, why not create your own? Websites such as Eventbrite and Meetup allow you to easily create events or groups with people that are just like you! They are both free to use, and you can even charge your attendees if you want to get some cash out of the deal! Whether you choose to use social media or an event-creation website, there are many different ways to find others that are similar to you and want to connect. Friendships are often created at these events, and people enjoy doing business with friends!

Mobile Networking Applications

Most networking professionals use their phones regularly to check emails, interact with social media, and make phone calls. Of course there are common social media platforms that allow you to network (such as LinkedIn), but there are other unique applications you can use as well.

There is nothing worse than walking into a room of networkers that only talk to the handful of people they already know. Bizzabo is an application that resolves that problem. Using social media, this app allows you to interact with others before an event or conference starts. Basically, Bizzabo acts as a convenient ice-breaker that gets the conversation going.

Another useful application is called Bizz Card. This app allows you to virtually share your business card with just a swipe across the screen. An email address is all that is needed to send your contact information to other professionals and stay connected.

Let’s Make Connections

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