With 2015 quickly approaching, we’ve been looking back on the past year and reminiscing. We are also looking ahead towards the new year and thefuture looks bright. Hiring trends are on the rise in 2015. About 60% of employers expect to increase hiring next year, according to a survey published by Dice Holdings. The top five states with the greatest employment growth projection include Michigan, Texas, Delaware, North Dakota and Hawaii.

So what does that mean for you? It’s time to prepare. So in between ugly-sweater parties and eggnog, spend a little time evaluating your career and your ambitions for 2015. If your New Year’s resolution is to find a new job start preparing now.

career resourcesTo get you started off on the right foot we’ve created a countdown of our most popular career advice articles:

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There are many ways to gain new IT or technical skills, but you have to be proactive. Here are the best coding resources that we’ve found, many of which are at little to no cost.

How to Make the Best Video Resume in 4 Steps

Video resumes are becoming a topic of “Should you or Should you not.” When done well, and for the right industry, video resumes can really make you stand out from the crowd by showcasing not only your skills, but your personality.

3 Non-Traditional Networking Tips

Many of us like the idea of networking more than networking itself. Here are three non-traditional networking tips to help you get a new job, advance your career, obtain referrals, or just to meet new people.

We wish you Happy Holidays and much success in 2015. If you’re career could use a kickstart, check out our current jobs.