The full-page cover letter is becoming a thing of the past. To really get the attention and cut through all the digital noise, give your email correspondence the attention it deserves. Think of email as the new cover letter. Short and to the point always wins.


The Formula

1. Email Subject Lines Are King – use this as an opportunity to sell yourself. You only have a second or two. Instead of writing “Senior account manager position,” write “Senior Acct. Manager – 5 YRS Exceeding Sales Quotas – MBA”


2. Start with a Name Drop, if Possible – First, mention how you found out about the position if, and only if, you were referred by someone. Name dropping isn’t a bad thing, and referrals are usually preferred to blind introductions. Otherwise, don’t waste precious email real estate.


3. Spotlight Worthy Skillsets – It’s easy to say you have leadership skills or work well in teams, but c’mon! You can do better than that. What makes you stand out?


4. Bullet Point Career Wins – List your major career accomplishments to prove you have what it takes to fill the position.


5. End it. Short and Sweet – Thank them, and be on your way.


Email Cover Letter Sample
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DOs and DON’Ts to Remember

DON’T be like the rest – So you work well in teams and know how to use Microsoft Word. That’s great, but those characteristics fit the description of thousands of people. It’s important to remember that a cover letter isn’t just a re-worded resume. Be different.

DO stand out – Of course you should include your skills and expertise, but you should also attempt to stand out from the rest. Whether it’s volunteering, career accomplishments, or even a short story about your dedication, everyone has something that makes them unique.


DON’T be too wordy – Think of it like this… some hiring managers read up to 100 emails and cover letters a day! And that’s after they read through resumes and online applications. Truth is, you need to clearly and promptly state your objective so it doesn’t get lost in a jungle of words.

DO be short and sweet – A clean, short cover letter is ideal. Usually a paragraph with a few of your most important, detailed skills and experiences is perfect.  Making it too long is dangerous, and unnecessary.


DON’T wait around – Time is of the essence when you are searching for a job. Just sending a quick email is not always enough in competitive labor markets. Sometimes it takes that extra foot forward.

DO follow up – One of the most essential steps in the process of writing and submitting cover letters. When you follow up with a hiring manager or recruiting team, you are showing them that you stand out from others, you are not a robot, and most of all you really care about obtaining the position.


Mike Gourley – Senior Recruiter

Mike Gourley

I am a driven IT enthusiast dedicated to developing an assortment of professional relationships that contribute to the happiness of candidates and clients. When I’m not recruiting, I enjoy exploring the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or watching my favorite English Premier League team, Arsenal (Go Gunners!)