Car sales are soaring, humans are replacing robots for once, & the top automotive picks for 2016 are in!
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2016 Car Sales are Off to the Races


U.S. gasoline prices have continued falling in February, driving demand for pickups and SUVs higher but forcing automakers to raise incentives on cars to keep inventories from piling up too much. That would result in a seasonally adjusted, annualized selling rate of 17.7 million units, up from 17.6 million in January and 16.4 million a year ago. TrueCar said it expects sales this month to climb … Read more >


Mercedes Replacing Robots with People on Assembly Line

Robots might be better at driving than people. They might also be better at solving a Rubik’s Cube. Turns out, though, there’s still one place in the world where humans still outshine robots: a Mercedes-Benz assembly plant. Mercedes offers so many options on its higher-end cars that the variety was overwhelming robots, forcing the brand to replace them with people. Read more >


10 Top Picks of 2016: Best Cars of the Year


Consumer Reports defines the “best” car as the one that excels in their extensive tests, as well as shines for reliability, safety, and owner satisfaction. Certainly, there are many good cars on the market today to choose from. But when a reader asks them to definitively name the best, the 10 Top Picks are their answers across popular categories. And they have the data to back it up. Top 10 Cars