Being prepared for a job interview is essential. Along with expertise, the way you present yourself is key to determine where your career can take you. Although there is no exact formula on how to guarantee a job offer, every engineer (and other professionals for that matter) should follow these job interview tips to nail that next interview.


4  Essential Job Interview Tips


Job Interview Tips for Success

1. Educate yourself

~Research the Company- A quick search can go a long way. Along with understanding what a company does, you should look into interesting news or awards that you could inquire about that will help you stand out.


~Practice Questions- Search common questions within the industry and practice your answers to these. This will get your thought process in the right place, preparing you for any other interview questions that may come along.


~Understand the position- Relate your answers to the job you have applied for. Explain why you would be the right person for the job, and how you will excel at it. Make sure your answers are original and give examples of previous experiences as much as possible.


2. Plan! Plan! Plan!

~Your Outfit- First impressions matter. As small a detail as it may seem, this is your opportunity to present the best version of yourself. Dress professionally and keep it neat.


~What to bring– Bring a notepad, something to write with, copies of your resume, your portfolio if it makes sense, and questions for the interviewer. This shows that you are prepared, and you have an interest in the company and the job.


~Arrival– Be on time! Plan your route in advance, and allow yourself more than enough time to get there.


3. Be Yourself

~Originality is key- The interviewer wants to get to know you! The best job interview tip is to simply be yourself. After all, you want your personality to match their company culture. Not only will you enjoy going to work every day, but it will nurture your career positively.


4. Follow up

~Write a thank you letter– Not only is it cordial, but it will remind them of your interview and keep your name in mind. Furthermore, it shows initiative and determination to get the job. No harm can come from good manners.