Employment for tech jobs in Southeast Michigan has skyrocketed in the last 4 years. From engineering to science technologies, Metro Detroit ranks among the best. The growing technology hub has even been compared to Silicon Valley in recent months.


Many of the vast opportunities in Southeast Michigan stem from its booming tech economy. That being said, most of these opportunities include high-tech, high-wage jobs. It’s not too surprising that Metro Detroit ranks first in advanced automotive industry jobs, but it also ranks first in number of engineering degrees earned, and second in overall growth in all technology occupations.

What does this mean for Southeast Michigan?

Simply put, growth. Along with other technology hubs such as Dallas and San Jose, Southeast Michigan is on the map as one of the fastest emerging regions for new innovations and tech jobs. Some companies that have been part of the Metro-Detroit tech boom include Chrysler Automotive  and the Tweddle Group.


What happens next?

We keep going. Detroit and its surrounding cities are slowly working to reinvent its reputation. The opportunities for startups and business development have never been better. The numbers speak for themselves. How has the emergent tech industry effected your career or business? Leave a comment below.


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