Career Development: 5 Mistakes to Avoid


While we all want to advance in our careers, don’t sabotage your own progress through these critical mistakes. As an engineer, be sure to expand your opportunities by paying attention to your everyday actions. Identify, understand and avoid these slip-ups so that you can stay on the right track to a successful career development. Here are 5 habits to avoid:


Asking to be Micromanaged

In the world of engineering, and any other industry for that matter, the person to get promoted is the one who takes initiative. In such a complex industry, it’s important to be sure of yourself to complete a project on your own. While it’s okay and encouraged to ask questions (especially on a first-time basis), don’t rely on others to help you through every detail. Trust me, your boss doesn’t want to have to be looking over your shoulder all-day long, and you don’t either.


Me, Myself, and I

For career development, one of the greatest skills necessary is to work well with others. While engineers are known to be independent workers or introverts, don’t let your ego or stubbornness crush you! If you are constantly stepping on other people’s toes or bossing them around, you are sabotaging many career opportunities. Instead, learn how to build a strong team and develop professional relationships that will be beneficial in the future.


Being a Complainer

No one wants to hear or even be around a complainer. Be conscious of what you express in front of others because it says a lot about yourself and your work ethic. Be the one that everyone wants to work with, and eager to take on any new project. Not only will this increase your expertise, but this is likely to get you ahead of the game and get you closer to the promotion you want. On the other hand, if you encounter an issue, offer a complaint along with solutions to improve the company. Even if your solution may not be the best, your boss will appreciate that you took the time to think about it, instead of just whining.


Poor Communication

Whether you’re talking to customers, co-workers, or employees, communication is key to maintaining good relationships. Positive communication will show that you are confident, comfortable, and a team player. This is sure to leave a good, long-lasting impression, and get you noticed in and outside of the workplace.


“Yes-Man” of the office

Truth is: we all love compliments. Offering one too many, though, will make you come off badly in front of your peers. By constantly wanting the boss’ approval or being too clingy, you are giving a bad impression to those around you. Of course, be courteous and do offer compliments when they are genuine from time to time, but no need to over do it.


Be aware of your habits and actions, and make sure to avoid those who will negatively impact your career development. In doing so, you are bound to keep your career moving forward with your next pay raise or promotion!