Security Measures in the Automotive Industry


Technology in cars is quickly evolving. With that, however, it’s important to take security measures into account similar to the Aviation industry. Over the years, cyber crime has quickly increased, making it easier for hackers to tap into confidential information. The more technology rises, the more these individuals find tools and new ways to break the system.


About a year ago this light was shone in the Aviation industry by an individual named Chris Roberts who claimed he could easily hack into an airplane’s system. According to CNN, he said he had even taken control of an engine once. While Boeing, one of the main companies who handles security measures, had their doubts about this claim, the reality is that it’s not impossible. Like any software, this too could be hacked.


In order to prevent these issues, the Auto industry is tapping a Boeing executive to lead its cybersecurity group to ensure that their autonomous systems are safe. While auto-cars are an exciting feature, having security measures as a priority is crucial to introduce this new technology into the market. If not, it may end up doing more harm than good.