How to Love Your Job in 5 Simple Steps


You may find yourself in between jobs, at an entry-level position, or have simply been at a job for a long time. Whatever the case may be, learning to love your job will be beneficial for your career. Rather than focus on where you think you should be, apply the following 5 tips to make the time at your current position enjoyable and rewarding.


1. Bumps in the road? Find the value and use it to guide your next step.

Career paths can be long – and there’s a good chance you’ll have to gain experience in an area you don’t love in order to reach your end goal. When you’re in this situation, consider the value you can take away and how it can be applied. Always redirect your perspective to appreciate the value in your current role. Maintaining a positive outlook will make it easier for you to plan your next step.


2. Build Relationships

Building relationships with the people you work alongside is a great way to stay positive. Building relationships at work can help take your mind off of things you are not happy about, making the day easier to work through. Getting to know your coworkers and making friends with the people you spend most of your day with will give you something to look forward to when heading in to work.


3. Find a purpose, again

Let’s face it, even people who love their jobs hit a wall where the excitement and passion for what they are doing fades a little. When you get in a rut, think about your purpose. Set goals for yourself and resolve yourself to see them through. In the midst of less than favorable work scenarios reignite that first love!


4. Never stop learning

Always be hungry to learn more. Through every opportunity, become a consummate learner. These are skills and knowledge that will stick with you for the rest of your life, helping you grow in your career. When you realize this, you will appreciate and love your job that much more as it is constantly building you and helping you grow.


love-your-job5. Appreciate how the little things can result in a lot of joy.

Consider two football players: for one player, the only joy is in winning a Super Bowl Championship, while the other finds joy in every touchdown, catch, throw, and tackle. One is bound to enjoy his job more often, and carry a positive attitude to every game. Not all jobs come with full benefits or high earnings. But it’s finding joy in the smaller things that will help you love the job you have right now.