Twitter: How to Use Social Media to Get a Job



Twitter doesn’t have the most transparent job seeking features, but that’s all the more reason to utilize it to stand out to employers. Before we dive in, remember to be yourself. There’s no need to be super formal; You can save that for LinkedIn.



5 Unique Ways to a Get a Job with Twitter:



1. Use Twitter Hashtags

Whether you love them or hate them, hashtags are here to stay. That being said, there are a lot of different hashtag tactics that can really help your job search. For one, take advantage of sites like to see which hashtags are getting the most hits. This can be utilized when you post an update about your job search.


You can also search hashtags to see who’s hiring. Tags like #job or #jobs are are highly common, but you should probably get more specific to find something more suitable for you. If you’re looking for an IT job in Dallas, you may want to search tags like #Dallasjob, #TexasJobs, #IT, #ITJob, etc. Try it out!


Twitter hashtag



2. Follow & Interact With Recruiters

Although you can also do this on LinkedIn, recruiters and hiring managers love when job seekers think outside-the-box to contact them. Twitter is a lot less formal than LinkedIn, so you can treat it as a tool to do business, as well as socialize. Don’t be scared to show your personality – Sometimes that’s what it’s all about.




3. Update Your Twitter Bio

This is your chance to share what you do, what you’re passionate about, or what type of position you’re looking for. Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, adding a current position may open a door to a new opportunity or a helpful connection.



4. Participate in Industry or Company Chats

Twitter chats are becoming increasingly popular among job seekers and hiring managers/companies. They are especially useful for someone looking to discuss a specific topic with like-minded individuals, such as job openings, and industry news.


There are also Twitter Chats that aren’t initiated by one specific company. #JOBHUNTCHAT (every  Friday at noon EST), for instance, is a chat that many different companies and groups engage in.



5. Message the Company Directly

Submitting your resume via email or through a website is great, but why not follow-up on Twitter? There’s honestly not much to it – Just another way to stand out from the crowd.



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