The War for Talent



Employee engagement can help win the war for talent and increase profitability up to 21%.

It’s a candidate-driven market, and the competition for great talent is fierce. To win the war for talent, organizations need to go beyond the resume to identify great people who align with culture and core values. In our whitepaper The War for Talent, Brightwing President George Opitz explains how organizations can make more reliable hiring decisions by providing a high-quality candidate experience, implementing a flexible talent acquisition strategy, and driving employee engagement.


Employee engagement has a substantial impact on an organization’s ability to retain great people and succeed in the marketplace. In fact, studies show that organizations with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable than those with disengaged employees. What about great employees who are disengaged? According to a 2016 study by Gallup, 67% of American employees are disengaged and either actively seeking for new opportunities or simply not performing to their highest potential.



Go beyond the resume to find great candidates.

The War for Talent Whitepaper

Though education, experience, and hard skills are undeniably important, to make reliable hiring decisions, organizations need to go beyond the resume to the candidates’ core values. Do they align with the organization’s core values? How about those of your top performers?


In our whitepaper The War for Talent, Opitz shares valuable information and strategies for attracting and retaining great people. For example:

– Why it’s important to hire talent that aligns with company culture

– Insight on what candidates want in a potential employee

– Steps to improve your employee engagement and retention


Ultimately, the real secret to success is surrounding yourself with great people – and money generally isn’t their main motivator. Instead, they are looking for a healthy work environment, aligned corporate culture, social awareness, and brand presence in the market. Organizations that drive employee engagement and take hiring and retaining talent seriously will reap exponential rewards.


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