Real Stories from Real Recruiters: Going Above and Beyond

This article is Part 6 in a series of “Real Stories from Real Recruiters.” We check in with several Brightwingers to reveal some important lessons for anyone who’s looking either for talent or for opportunities. This story is from Brightwing’s Adriana Michaels, Senior Recruiter.


When candidates work with recruiters, they’re essentially putting their career – and their life – in the hands of a stranger. That can be an extremely vulnerable position for these talented individuals, and, as recruiters, we recognize the huge responsibility we have to put them at ease and deliver a great experience.


At Brightwing, we have an established BRIGHTview process to streamline recruitment and hiring, but even with this time-tested strategy, there’s always room for things to go awry. That’s when I rely on my intuition and creativity to work everything out, as well as my commitment to go above and beyond to ensure a candidate is as comfortable as possible and equipped for success.


 A great example of this is a software engineer I recruited for one of our automotive clients. We had worked closely with the client to narrow down their technical requirements and expand their talent pool (read that story here), and we found the perfect candidate four states away in the aerospace industry. It would be a huge transition for this candidate; not only would he be moving his career to a new industry (automotive), he’d be moving his wife and four kids to a new state, one he’d never even visited before. I worked closely with him to support and encourage him through the process. He nailed the phone interview, and the next step was to fly in for a face-to-face interview.


From the beginning, I could tell he was enthusiastic about the opportunity, but it was clear there was some hesitation about uprooting his entire family and moving them somewhere brand new. For many recruiters, this hesitation would have been a red flag; was he really serious about leaving his current job and moving his family? But because I had taken the time to understand his goals and motivations, I was confident about continuing to support him through this process.


We set up the in-person interview, with the client securing travel and hotel arrangements for my candidate, but at the last minute, an urgent family issue came up. With everything already arranged, it was a predicament that clearly made him anxious. Again, many other recruiters may have taken this opportunity to walk away, but I knew my candidate was genuine. I worked with the client to figure out the scheduling to make the interview happen.


The interview was scheduled early on a Monday morning, with the candidate flying in the night before and flying back out immediately after the interview, spending a minimal amount of time away from his family. Incredibly, when he arrived, something went wrong with the hotel reservation. He called me panicking. I knew how important it would be for him to be comfortable and rested before the interview, so I called the hotel myself and worked it out.


The interview went well, and our client quickly presented him with a great job offer and a very attractive relocation package (complete with a consultant to help him and his family find the perfect new home). When I sat down to lunch with him two weeks after he started, he was unbelievably appreciative, saying he could not have done this without our help. His family was settling his well, he loves the company, and they have great feedback about him, too. Since he’s been there, he has also sent two referrals my way, proving to me just how much he trusted us with this life-changing career move. Knowing how much my candidates trust me motivates me to continue going above and beyond for them throughout the entire hiring process.


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