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Here are tips from 5 Brightwing recruiters on how to ace the interview…


1. How to beat the nerves



Jason Hochstein
Director of Talent Acquisiton, Brightwing
“I was working with a candidate who used to get so nervous about interviewing, she’d lose sleep. The night before, she’d think about how it was going to go. The night after she’d pick apart her performance.


Interviews are definitely nerve-wracking – there’s no way around that – but I don’t think they should be a miserable experience!


After a mock interview, I gave a few tips on how to combat the nerves:


→  Remember you’ve got power, too. And you have priorities other than making yourself hirable. You need to make a judgment about the company you’re interviewing with!


→  Put it in perspective. Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that could happen? The answer: you don’t get the job. Those are the stakes – not more, not less.


→  If the worst happens and you don’t get the job, that’s not a statement about your potential as a professional. It’s about that specific role on that specific team.”

2. Get comfortable with silence



dan start
Dan Start
Brightwing Finance & Accounting Recruiter
“Stay focused and concise when you answer an interviewer’s questions. If you can’t be succinct, they’ll imagine you rambling on in future conversations and meetings. So get comfortable with pauses – don’t talk just to fill them.”

3. Use the mirroring technique


Will Foss
Brightwing IT Recruiter
“One thing I like to tell candidates is to use the mirroring technique while interviewing. It can help make the interviewer feel at ease with you, faster.


When you’re on the phone, listen to the tone, rate of speech or cadence of how the hiring manager is asking questions and try to match those qualities in your replies.


For example, if the manager has high energy and speaks quickly, you should try to respond with plenty of energy and pace yourself.


If in person, its always good to match the body posture/body language, too.


You definitely don’t want to look like a copycat – it should just feel natural.”

4. Be yourself (while selling yourself)


justin hochstein
Justin Hochstein
Brightwing Finance & Accounting Recruiter
“I know it sounds simple, but BE YOURSELF. Let a company hire the real YOU. Of course you want to come prepared (with your proudest achievements, the reasons you want the job, etc.), but don’t confuse presenting your best self with hiding who you really are.”

5. Choose your representative wisely



mike gourley
Mike Gourley
Brightwing Engineering & Design Recruiter
“Pick the right recruiter. There’s a lot of us out there. So, do your research. Choose the right recruiter based on their reputation, area of focus (skillset), and location. I’ve seen the value we can provide to candidates. It’s just a much more efficient way to go through a job search process, and really develop the best possible offer.”

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