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How will AI and automation change work life? How do you prepare as an employee and potential jobseeker? As an employer? Watch as Brightwing VP of Sales & Delivery Jonathan Gourwitz gives his take.


We are on the cusp of what many are referring to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? It’s automation, robotics, AI, blockchain, the internet of things. Essentially anything that can be automated. Any duty that is highly transactional and repetitive is no longer going to be done by a human being, it’s going to be done by software. 


“The Fourth Industrial Revolution – the proliferation of AI – will mean that the most valuable employees and candidates will be the ones with the strongest strategic and analytical skills.”


We are no longer hiring based on duties you’ve performed in the past. We’re hiring based on your ability to be strategic, to analyze and have strong analysis skills. Because the idea of sitting at a transactional job in the next ten years is probably going to go away. But we’re going to see a tremendous amount of data. It’s going to free up a lot of time for individuals. Being able to take the information we get from these systems and then analyze and be strategic and put that into play, that’s really what companies are looking for right now. 


“The savviest companies aren’t hiring based on duty experience anymore. Instead, they’re focusing on deliverables – what you can do with the information given to you.”


So it’s less about the duties you’ve performed in the past. It’s really more a matter of how you can take stock of what’s going on in an organization and the data that you’re seeing, then do analysis and be strategic and put that into play in an organization. Not every company is operating that way right now, but the more savvy organizations are no longer looking strictly at duty experience. It’s really more a matter of deliverables and what can you do with the information provided to you and how can you then analyze and put that into play.



Brightwing has always known that having a cutting-edge tech stack is good, but it’s not enough to make a recruiting firm great. Our recruiters are ready for the future of hiring. Are you? Let’s talk.

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