As an employer, sifting through the numerous applicants received for every open position can be exceedingly challenging. Not just because it takes time and effort above and beyond a hiring manager’s normal set of responsibilities (though, of course it does). The challenges of hiring in today’s market are greater than in recent memory. How, when, and why we work has been disrupted over the last couple of years. Shifting priorities make hiring the best people harder than before. That’s where a specialized recruiting agency comes in extremely helpful. Recruitment companies yield more consistent and speedy employee and employment searches, results, and substantial, long-term employment of the best employees for a given role. Not least because they don’t wait for applications to come in – they work proactively to find top talent that may not even be looking to make a change. In this article, we’ll discuss what a recruiting agency is, the leading-edge benefits of using one, and how to make the most of a recruiting company.


Why Outsource Your Talent Recruiting?


In an ever-changing and evolving job labor market characterized by increasing recruitment and acquisition challenges, high turnovers, unfilled job openings, and changing candidate expectations, many have turned to recruiting firms to find their next career role or to find their next valuable employee. The average cost per hire in 2022 using traditional means is $4,425, and filling the average position takes 36-45 days. Moreover, the cost of a bad hire can be a third of one’s salary. A recruiting company acts as an expert mediator between employers and job hunters. They work for a company to understand their people’s needs and then find the most ideal matches. They have a broad view of the market in that skillset, and they have well-developed pipelines of candidates – some who are actively job seeking, and others who are not.  As a result, the best recruiters are prepared to garner top results for employers and job hunters, and save valuable time, money and energy for both.

In contrast to an employment agency that focuses on hiring unskilled applicants (or laborers), recruitment agencies are highly beneficial to both employers and skilled applicants. A skilled applicant possesses the experience and certifications, as well as the motivation and the soft skills to fill a role on a particular team well. The recruitment agency works with their clients to qualify job requisitions, then engages in recruitment processes that vary from firm to firm. In the case of Brightwing, we’ve developed the Brightview process to thoroughly vet our candidates, as an example. These tasks include meaningfully reaching out to candidates through various networks, identifying the most ideal for a job through their database and various networks of existing relationships, vetting these potential employment candidates, and presenting the resulting top candidates to the employer.


Benefits of a Recruiting Company


Traditional hiring and job-seeking methods are less reliable and efficient than using a recruiting company. They are more expensive and time-consuming in numerous ways, and less able to yield the best results for both hiring manager and candidate. Some of the top benefits of using a recruitment company such as Brightwing to achieve your hiring goals include expert recruitment knowledge and assistance, easier and faster hiring, higher-quality candidates, extended reach and access, specialist knowledge of the job market and current trends, full support for employers and job hunters, less wasted time and resources, and a more competitive edge for both employers and job hunters.


Expert Knowledge and Assistance

The entire job and focus of a recruitment company is finding the best candidates with expert knowledge, resources, connections, and extensive experience above the average employer. Not only do they post compelling job ads, but they maximize interest in the position by leaning on their longstanding relationships with leaders and up-and-comers in the field.


Easier and Faster Hiring

An employment recruiter dramatically shortens the time it takes to fill a role with expert knowledge, assistance, and increased focus toward the end goal. What’s more – hiring managers will spend quality time looking at three qualified candidates, rather than sifting through hundreds of applications that are not necessarily qualified at all. The hiring manager or job hunter gets the gift of gaining back their time.


Higher Quality Candidates

When working with specialized, agency recruiters, employers receive only the highest quality, skilled candidates in their industry. Hiring managers work through a handful of expertly referenced, pre-screened, and interviewed candidates, rather than a vast pool of unvetted incoming applications.


Extended Reach and Access

Alongside expert knowledge and assistance, employment recruiters also have extended reach and access to wider pools of candidates in diverse industries, including ideal candidates that are less easily accessed and/or who may not be aware of the ideal job opportunity.


Specialist Market and Trends Knowledge

Recruitment agencies provide clarity on current job market trends, with deeper knowledge and investment in up-to-date research and reports. They provide valuable information and informed advice on how to best achieve goals and improve your employer brand or your job hunting profile.


Full Support

The best employment recruiting teams communicate actively with both employers and job hunters, find ideal candidates for various roles and job vacancies individual candidates are ideal for. They engage, make impactful connections, and provide full support, feedback, and suggestions to both.


Less Wasted Time and Resources

There is less waste of time and resources expended toward candidate searches, engagement, and recruitment by using an experienced recruitment agency. Expedient recruitment that provides higher-quality candidates saves time, money, and the results pay for themselves.


A More Competitive Edge

By providing expert knowledge and assistance, easier and faster hiring, higher-quality candidates and resulting employees, extended reach and access, specialist marketing and trends knowledge, full support, and less wasted time and resources, employment recruiters give employers and job hunters a more competitive edge in their diverse industries of the job market.


Experiences Without a Recruitment Company


Without an employment recruiter, employers and job hunters spend much more time and resources searching for candidates or jobs on their own through numerous conflicting, and potentially misleading sources of information. The results are ill-fitting employment matches and connections that lead to inefficiency, high turnover and ultimately make reaching organizational goals more difficult and more expensive. Not to mention, any drawn-out in-house recruiting places an additional burden on team members. This additional work can lead to excessive burnout and increased expenses. 


How to Make the Most of a Recruitment Company


To yield the best results, have a clear idea of your needs and desires for both the employment recruiters and the open role before you engage with a recruitment agency. The best recruiting agencies will press you for clarity on both of these. Provide a clear job description, a list of requirements, and important skills and attributes for the position. Be clear to yourself and toward the recruitment company on your ideal candidate so they know what to look for. And consider carefully which skills or attributes are required versus nice to have. As an ideal candidate, be clear on your own needs, desires, top skills, and attributes to match with the most ideal job for you. Work with your recruiter to develop questions so that you interview hiring companies as much as their interview you.


Getting Started With a Recruitment Company


Employment recruiters at Brightwing are ready to provide you with expert consultation, and highly efficient results that save valuable time, money, decrease turnover, and increase your teams’ work quality, focus, capabilities, performance, and competitiveness. Whether you are looking to find a job or your next top employee, a recruitment company can help you fill a job faster. For the best employee and employment matches, reach out to us to start a conversation.

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