Where to Look For Job Openings


Do you want to know where to look for job openings? You could simply google job openings in your desired industry, but that is not the only way. In fact, it is not even the most successful way to find a job. Recruiters do more than just connect people looking for jobs with job openings. A good recruiter will take your ambitions, qualifications, and the type of place you want to work into account so that you end up in a position where you can feel successful in. In this article, you will learn where to look for job openings, how to get a job, and the best job sites you can use to look for job openings.


How to Find a Job 

There are many ways to find a job. You can do it on your own, scouring Indeed or another job site for hours looking for a job you might be happy and qualified to take on or you can enlist the help of a recruiter. Do you know how to find a job using a recruiter? They make the process much easier.


Industry Knowledge

So, why should you use a recruiter? Recruiters are experts in matching people with jobs. A good recruiter will understand your desired industry and the qualifications those industries look for in a candidate. 


Save Time

Enlisting the help of a recruiter is a major time saver. That is one of the reasons why recruiters are where to look for job openings. Recruiters split up the workload. Their job is to find you a job. While they do that, you can focus on other life obligations.


Networking on a Larger Scale

Networking can take a lot of time for one person. You write messages, have conversations, and work hard to develop professional relationships in the hopes of learning how to find a job. Networking is a great place to look for job openings, but most people do not have the time or energy to effectively network on a large scale. Recruiters can reach more professional contacts than you can on your own. They also have contact with many HR departments. If the recruiter thinks you are a good fit for the job, they can advocate for you. It is easy to become just another piece of paper to hiring departments, so having someone in your corner who can put something more to your name is going to help you stand out. Standing out is how to get the job. 


Recruiters Take the Time to Know You

Recruiters get to know you. They will not match you with just any job opening. They go deeper than your resume, making sure that what you want and what you can do aligns with prospective job openings. 

Recruiters want you to get the job. They get paid when you accept a job. Good recruiters will take the time to answer your questions and prepare you for the steps in the application process. From the resume to the interview, to accepting an offer, recruiters will be in your corner and will act as a resource to help you succeed. That is why recruiters are a good source when looking for job openings. They have the time and resources to get you a job that is the right fit for you. 


How to Get a Job

Although recruiters will help you find a job and help you through the process, they can not guarantee a job if you do not put in the work to become qualified for the job. You do not necessarily need to meet every qualification in a job description, but you will be more likely to receive an offer if you have most of the qualifications. Consider getting a certification or doing extra training if you have the time. This will improve your resume and show potential employers that you are always willing to learn.

Recruiters may be the best way to find a job, but if you are adamant about doing it on your own, there are many places you can look.


Job Fairs

Companies attending job fairs are looking to hire. Before committing to attending, take a look at the businesses planning to attend. Make sure they are looking for candidates from your desired industry. Some job fairs are industry specific. In that case, find a job fair targeted at your preferred industry. 

When attending, be sure to dress professionally and bring copies of your resume and business cards. Any time you speak with a business representative, treat it as a mini interview. If you stand out here, they may remember you when you apply. Job fairs are a great place to start when trying to find a job.



Many businesses offer current employees an incentive for referring someone who gets hired. If you have a friend in your industry, see if they can refer you to their place of employment. It is no guarantee, but it does not hurt to try.


Career Sites

Career sites are very common. Employees can post their job openings online and any person with a computer can apply. It is an easy way to apply for jobs. Unfortunately, it is also easy to get lost in a flood of applications. Some online application sites also weed people out using an AI, so using the correct words in your application is just as important as having the qualifications. 


Best Job Sites

The best job sites do not stand up against an experienced recruiter, but even so many people have found success using what are considered the best job sites.



Indeed is a large, free job search website with ten new jobs listed every second. With volume comes competition, so while it is easy to apply, it is not that easy to land a job through Indeed. 



Glassdoor is a great place to research potential employers. You can find salary information as well as reviews from current and former employees.



LinkedIn is one of the best job sites for networking. You can contact recruiters and managers in companies with job openings. It is an easy place to show off your credentials and accomplishments to potential employers as well.


Where to Look For Job Openings if You Need a Job

If you are serious about learning how to get a job, you need to speak with a recruiter. At Brightwing Talent Experts, our team of experienced recruiters can match you with a business that is the right fit for you. We will not let you get lost in the sea of applications. Submit your resume to be considered for jobs in our database. 

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