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Brightwing is not for everyone.


And everyone is not for us.

Why? Because expertise requires focus.

We know the difference between a good candidate and a great one. Between hiring managers that will do what it takes to get what they need, and those that won’t. Between the workplaces that are the right fit for our candidates, and those that aren’t. And we’ve got the gumption to act on what we know and stand for.

We say no to clients who don’t value bringing on the right people or won’t commit to the in-depth process honed over 50 years that will get them there.

We say no to candidates that wouldn’t do us proud.

And the same is true for the way we build the team at Brightwing.

→  We hire people who are driven to stretch their abilities and accomplish their goals.

→  We work with companies that make their way in the world with purpose and care.

→  We fight to give candidates opportunities to realize their potential.


Handpicking clients and candidates since ‘73


With the launch of the new Brightwing brand and website, we are aiming a spotlight at what it means to rule out opportunities.

We are laser-focused on delivering the most value for our clients and for our talent. We choose which opportunities to pursue carefully, always asking “will our expertise and approach drive the kind of results they need?”

We know to say no when it’s the right thing to do. Because saying yes to less lets us do more.


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