Your company is composed of many excellent people, and the better your company does at recruiting new excellent people, the better off your company will be in the long term. This is why the recruiting process is crucial for the success of your business. Some even say that hiring is the single most important factor for businesses. If you want to hire the highest quality employees who are the best fit for your company, you can benefit from a partnership with a recruiting company. Few people realize the multitude of advantages that can ripple throughout their companies when they work with the right recruiting company. A recruiting company can handpick the ideal candidates and clients for your company, without you having to read a single resume. 

Why Recruiting Companies are Worthwhile 

Consider this: you can sell your home without the assistance of a realtor, but will you get the best price and will the sale go through as quickly? Chances are, when you use an expert in your market, your home sale will be much more successful. The same is true of recruiting companies. 

A recruiting company can help your business fill a job opening faster, offer access to a larger candidate pipeline, lower the chance of bad hires and having to repeat the process again, offer candidate screening, assistance with the onboarding process, and strong hiring and interviewing expertise. And though recruiting companies do charge for their services, the investment is outweighed by the value created by making a fantastic hire (and avoiding a bad one). 

Now that you understand the many benefits of recruiting companies, there are different types of recruiting and various types of recruitment models that might work best for your business. 

Internal vs. 3rd Party Recruiting

The first option you have regarding recruiting is to choose between internal recruiting and 3rd party recruiting. 

Internal Recruiting 

Internal recruiting is the process of filling vacancies at your company from within your existing workforce. It is typically handled internally, by your own HR department. 

3rd Party Recruiting

Third party recruiting is an agency, organization, individual, or company (like Brightwing) that recruits candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time opportunities at their client companies. 3rd party recruiters are completely dedicated to helping your business fill the position with the best possible person. 

There are excellent recruiters in the worlds of both internal and 3rd party recruiting. However, many in-house recruiters do not have the time or bandwidth to fill the amount of job openings that any given company might have at one time, especially given the current atmosphere of the workforce during The Great Resignation. It is virtually impossible for one internal recruiter to create multiple successful candidate pipelines for a company’s variety of positions on their own. 

The other detriment of internal recruiting is that you are looking at only a small group of candidates. If you want to choose from a larger pool of candidates in order to diversify your company and find the best possible fit for the job, you might want to consider third party recruiting instead.

Third party recruiting allows your company to find better recruits in less time than relying on an internal recruiter to handle the entire hiring process all on their own. A third-party recruiter spends a great deal of time networking and recruiting candidates. Third-party recruiters also have ample time to conduct in-depth vetting. They have several follow-up conversations with candidates and spend plenty of time with them to ensure that they are the perfect fit for your company. 

Generalist vs. Specialized Recruiting

Generalist Recruiting

A generalist is a recruiter that has a broad focus and works on a wide variety of positions in many industries. As the name suggests, there is no specific industry or niche that a generalist would adhere to.

Specialized Recruiting

On the other hand, a specialized recruiter works within a particular industry or niche, and typically works on filling higher-level jobs with specific skills. For example, a specialized recruiter might work within the tech industry. This way, they are able to network and speak the language of the industry with their recruits. Specialized recruiters are able to develop relationships with potential candidates who are in your industry and are well-versed enough to vet specialized skill sets properly. 

In a world where so much is automated, the personal touch of a specialized recruiting company is key. It makes a world of difference to candidates. If your business wants to connect with the right people at the right time, a specialized recruiter is the answer. 

Especially if you work in specific industries like information technology, engineering, financial services, or other industries that require candidates with specific qualifications, a specialized recruiter is best. Specialized recruiters have a wide network within their chosen vertical of candidates for your job who might never actually apply on their own. Perhaps a desirable candidate who may be the perfect fit is currently employed elsewhere, but your specialized recruiter makes them aware of your job opening. 

Contingency vs. Contract vs. Retained vs. RPO

When it comes to recruiting firms, you have options. There are various recruitment models you might use depending on your business and the scenario. 


A retained recruiter works on a single job exclusively until it is complete, and they are compensated for their time and expertise, rather than when the hiring is completed. 


A contingency recruiter only gets paid if they are the one to ultimately successfully fill the position. During a contingency search, an employer might even hire several agencies to search for the right candidate.


A contract recruiter is a recruiter that works on placing candidates for a set period of time or a specific project. 


In an RPO contract, or recruitment process outsourcing, your company delegates all or part of the recruitment process to the recruiting company you are working with. 

The best recruiting model for you depends on the type of job you are filling, your industry, and which payment option you prefer. 

Partner with Brightwing for the Best Recruiting Experience

Just like you want to choose the best candidates for open positions at your company, you also want to choose the best recruitment company for the job. Brightwing Talent Experts is the best company to help you fill jobs quickly and effectively. 

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