For the majority of people, a job offers the opportunity to have a sense of meaning and purpose. We can often tie our unique passions, identities, and who we are as individuals to our work. Beyond the impact on identity, having significant job security matters for a variety of other reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of employee job security for workplace success, including what job security looks like, how to have more secure jobs, and the benefits of employee security. There are many ways that job security impacts success for both employers and employees alike.

What Is Job Security?

Feeling sure that you are not in danger of losing your employment position, at least not anytime soon, is the definition of job security. Personal job security means having the assurance that your job is secure. For many different people, that level of peace of mind can be worth much more than money. Having personal job security also means that your position with your company will most likely not be cut, even in cases where outside influences force your given employer to lay off some of their employees. For a supervisor, offering such employment stability to their direct reports can give their employees greater peace of mind about their job.

According to one survey, when asked what they would rate the overall level of importance of personal job security when compared to a possible pay increase in their most recent or current employment position, the majority said that a pay increase and personal job security were both equally important. When a second group was surveyed, their responses to questions related to personal job security revealed that personal job security was far more important than a pay increase. Knowing that you have a sufficiently stable paycheck is no small thing, especially in today’s job market where a lot of jobs come with uncertainties.

How to Secure Jobs

As an employee, there are many ways you can increase your employment security in your current position. As an employer, providing your employees with a strong sense of job security can also have many different positive impacts on employee retention

There are ways that employees can make themselves more indispensable to their employers.  Some ideas for how to secure your own position as an employee include being more reliable, increasing your personal productivity, minimizing distractions, volunteering to do more, being fully present during meetings, continually learning, and focusing on solutions. 

Be Reliable

As an employee, being someone that your direct supervisor knows they can rely on for completing something on time and/or under pressure is highly valued. If your supervisor asks something of you, respond with a realistic timeframe for when you can complete the task. Ensure that your work remains exceptional and keep looking for ways to exceed daily expectations.

Increase Productivity

You can prove your value as an employee by increasing your productivity. Perhaps you find ways to make processes more efficient, and that time savings gives you the opportunity to produce more elsewhere. Or maybe you master a skill in a way that lets you do more with less. Track the progress that you’re making, and measure impact in terms of value created or time or money saved. 

Minimize Distractions

One of the best methods for remaining focused on your job tasks is to limit the things that may be distracting to you. Time spent online or on personal phone calls can distract you from significant priorities when you’re at work. When you focus strictly on work tasks, work productivity can also remain high, which aids in job security. 

Do More

By volunteering to do more for your company, you can become indispensable and secure employment. Be the first to volunteer for tasks your company needs to complete. Just be careful not to overpromise or commit to tasks you’re not fully qualified for.

Be Present

Whether you’re a part of meetings on a conference call or in person, remain fully engaged. You should also be intentional about providing other participants with your full attention, as this will likely make it easier to offer ideas, ask questions, and gain important information.

Keep Learning

For a more secure job, it’s important to keep improving your skills and learning. Technology and industries are constantly changing. By quickly adapting and embracing change, you become more valuable to your employer. Find opportunities to become an expert on something and then put your skills to use.

Focus On Solutions

It’s important to be able to identify problems at work. It’s even more valuable if after correctly diagnosing the problem, you can propose a fix. As challenges develop, determine the root cause and brainstorm some possible solutions. Once you have developed a detailed plan or answer, connect with your supervisor and solidify your usefulness. 

Benefits of Employee Security

Job security is highly important and impactful for company success. Employee security can translate to committed employees that settle into a long-term position for career advancement. Employees with long-term commitments in their field also often have a better chance of achieving some of their top career goals than employees living in fear of losing their positions. Employee security can provide a more relaxed work atmosphere in which employees can focus more on their work, remain more engaged, and have higher levels of productivity and efficiency in their work tasks. 

More satisfied employees also mean a smaller chance of turnover. Talent recruitment requires a great deal of time, money, and effort. How lasting and suitable employees are can also significantly impact the success of a business. Job security can help a business’s financial statements, especially due to the reduced recruitment expenses. Secure jobs can also boost an organization’s image and reputation. Most clients prefer to work with businesses that treat their employees well.

Achieve Workplace Success With Employee Job Security

There is a great deal of importance to employee job security for achieving workplace success. For more clarity on how to achieve workplace success with employee job security and other methods, connect with Brightwing today.