How Do You Know When to Look for a New Job?

Whether you’ve been at your job for a decade or you’ve recently joined a team just to find out it’s not the healthiest working environment, you may find yourself considering when to look for a new job. But where do you start? Luckily, in today’s digital age, there are many fast and efficient ways to look for a new job to seamlessly transition from one position to the next, including talent acquisition firms such as Brightwing. In this article, we’ll describe more signs that you need a new job, the best time to look for a job, and what to look for in a job, so you enjoy your next adventure!

Signs That You Need a New Job

Even if you enjoy where you work, seeing what open positions there are in your field can help you decide if you’d like a change. As we see soaring inflation, one way people have been mitigating its effects is by finding a new but similar job that pays more. Beyond this example, if you’re considering when to look for a new position, here are some other signs that you need a new job:

No Upward Movement

You can love your role, but if your current company doesn’t recognize your talents and won’t promote you, then perhaps you should start looking for your desired promotion elsewhere. If you’ve gotten used to your usual workload and you’re ready to take on more of a challenge, and the pay raise that comes with it, consider getting hired somewhere that acknowledges your skills and experience. This way, you can enter the next chapter of your career feeling appreciated and seen. 

Your Job Is Unfulfilling

Depending on how long you’ve worked at your current job, it is normal to realize that what you’re working on may not align with your interests anymore. This is another sign that you need a new job, and one you look forward to doing! If you’re uninterested in your work, the workday may feel much longer than it is. However, you can explore your interests and see what positions are open to transfer your already-acquired skills. When you work in a field that you enjoy, you’ll often feel happier!

Management Is Disorganized

A healthy workplace environment requires good management, one that employees can trust for effective leadership. When your management is disorganized, it might be time to look for a new job. Disorganized management could look like frequent changes in leadership or inconsistent feedback. Hostile work environments can lead to decreased productivity. Employees thrive in a positive and consistent environment, not when management is in disarray.

You’re More Stressed Than Usual

Everyone gets stressed. It’s normal, especially when some fields have high-volume times of the year, such as retail around the holidays or accounting firms during tax season. However, if you notice that you’re more stressed than usual, this is another sign that you should look for a new job. It could be that you had to take on more work, or your workplace is toxic. Feeling more stressed than usual isn’t fair to you. Consider taking the time to see what other positions are open and if they have a better workplace culture. 

The Best Time to Look for a Job

There are specific times of the year that might be the best time to look for a job! Sooner is better than later, especially if you’re recognizing the signs that it might be time for a new job, but you can also coordinate your job search to the times more employers are hiring.

The best time to look for a job is in January and February. For most companies, businesses finalize their budgets for the new year in Q4. With a new budget for Q1 at the start of the year, these companies are looking to fill the positions that they’ve budgeted for. 

There are also certain days of the week that are the best times to look for a job. Look for job postings near the beginning of the week, like Monday and Tuesday. There are a high volume of job postings on Tuesday. You should also plan to apply to jobs midday around 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the day’s new postings are the freshest. Now you know when to apply, but what should you look for in a job?

What to Look for in a Job

You made the decision to find your next job. This gives you a great opportunity to think about what’s important to you in a new role and company. Here is what to look for in a job as you begin applying:

Salary and Benefits

Of course, when you look for a new job, you can use this time to negotiate a higher salary and better benefits than what you have at your current job. Benefits include a signing bonus, better health coverage, more paid time off, stock options, and hybrid/remote working options. 

Onboarding Process

As you interview for jobs, another aspect of what to look for in a new position is what a company’s onboarding process entails. Some onboarding processes can take a long span of time, potentially upwards of a week or month. During this time, your hiring manager or other team leads will train you on company policy, client accounts, and your job requirements. You’ll be able to meet your team and learn more about your new role. While this gives you a dedicated time to learn, this process can be lengthy. 

Other onboarding processes aren’t as lengthy. Companies may hire you, provide a short time of training, and allow you to get working full steam ahead. While this type of onboarding process is fast, it requires swift learning. Depending on your preference, either process can work and has its own set of pros and cons.

Company Culture

Also during your interview, you can inquire about what the company culture is like. Questions such as “What is the work-life balance of your employees?” or “What’s the typical workday look like for someone in my position?” will clarify what the company culture is like. If you don’t enjoy the sense of the company culture from your interview, don’t worry! When you look for a new job, part of the search is to find a company that matches your expectations!

When you start to look for a new job, you should consider companies’ onboarding processes and cultures, as well as similarities to your current job that led you to look for a new position. Going forward, you can use Brightwing’s online job board to optimize your job search. As you apply and interview at new companies, be sure to use your skills and experience to find the best fit and maximize your new salary and benefits. At Brightwing, we ensure that our talent experts match qualified candidates with top employers!