The Biggest Job Search Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Job hunting is a stressful time. We have all been there: in the hunt for a new job and completely bungling it due to the stress and inexperience. Many of us only change jobs a few times in our lifetime, and so much can change in between each job search. We will tell you the biggest job search mistakes and how to fix them. Trust the talent experts at Brightwing to help you avoid the biggest job search mistakes. 


The Biggest Job Search Mistakes and How to Fix Them

To prepare you for your next job search, the talent experts at Brightwing have compiled this list of the biggest job search mistakes — and how you can fix each one. 


Using the “Best Job Search Apps” 

Many job seekers rely entirely on job board websites like LinkedIn and Indeed. While there is nothing wrong with using these resources, especially as a starting-off point for your job search, there are better ways of finding the right job for you. Even the best job search apps are just that: apps. Apps cannot compare with people. 

A job recruiter gets to know you in a way that an app or website never can. Plus, these apps are full of thousands of jobs. It is virtually impossible to narrow it down to the one job that is a great fit for you. It is extremely unproductive to sit and scroll through jobs for hours on end, especially if you are still working a job while undergoing your hunt for your next one. 


Not Applying Due to Job Search Requirements

Many applicants don’t apply to jobs unless they meet 100% of the requirements laid out in the job listing. Here is a little secret: you don’t have to meet all the job requirements in order to apply. Men tend to apply for jobs when they only meet 60% of the qualifications, but many women tend only to apply if they meet 100% of the listed requirements. Don’t be afraid to apply for that job if you only have two years of experience instead of three, or your degree isn’t the same that is specified. 


Lying About Your Skills

Now, just because you don’t meet the job search requirements doesn’t mean you should lie to meet them. Instead, explain to the company why you are still a fabulous fit for their position, and demonstrate your ability to learn new skills that would help you excel. Never, ever lie in order to land a job


Relying On Outdated Job Search Strategies 

If it has been five, ten, fifteen years (or more!) since you have last been on the job hunt, the tactics for securing your next position have most likely changed. Make sure to do your research on the best job search tips, or even better, work with a recruiter who knows the latest strategies for landing the next position in your dream career. 


Underestimating Your Worth 

Even when the job market is tough, never underestimate your own worth and potential. All too often, job seekers accept the first offer they receive. Make sure you know how much your individual skills and experience are worth. A recruiter can help you find positions that you might not even realize you are qualified for! 

Not Working With a Recruiter

Especially if you work in a specialized industry like finance, IT, or engineering, it is best to work with a recruiter to find the right job for you. These types of companies typically work with an agency like Brightwing to fill their positions, and this will give you a leg up during your search. 


The Best Job Search Tips

As talent experts, we know a thing or two about the job search. These are the best job search tips from the professionals: 


Work With a Recruiting Agency

Searching for your next full-time job can oftentimes feel, well, like a full-time job. And at Brightwing, it is our full-time job: to help you find the right role, team, and company. That is what makes working with a recruiting company worthwhile. Working with Brightwing takes all the stress out of the job hunt. 


Know What You Want

Before you begin your job hunt, make sure you know what you are looking for in your next role and workplace. What type of position are you looking for? What is your ideal salary? Do you want to take on more responsibility at your next job? What type of company culture do you prefer? Knowing the answers to all of these questions can help your recruiter find the best fit for you. 


Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications

All too often, job seekers apply for jobs online, and never hear back — even if they are ideal for the position. Online applications have a way of getting lost in the shuffle. Many employers rely on referrals and recruiting agencies to fill jobs, which means your resume might not even garner a glance. When you work with a talent expert, they will advocate for you for the position that they know you are right for. 


Be Prepared

If you want to ace your next job interview, be prepared. The number one mistake that job seekers make during the recruitment process is under preparing for their interviews. Make sure to do your research into the company you are interviewing with, and the interviewer if possible, and to show up prepared with examples of your work on hand. Employers not only want to hear about you and your experience, but they also want to know what you like about their company, why you want to work for them, and why you will be a great fit. 

Enjoy the Job Search and Avoid Mistakes with Brightwing

Now, you know the biggest job search mistakes and how to fix them. If you want to find the right job and avoid making any mistakes in the process, consider working with Brightwing Talent Experts. Our company was recently named Great Recruiters Certified for the second consecutive year in recognition of creating a top-ranked candidate experience. Contact us today so we can get to know you better.

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