50 years ago, Brightwing was founded with the idea that people deserve fulfilling work – and we’ve been doing just that ever since. Through multiple rebrands, new office locations, and expanding into new industries, we’ve strategically grown our business over the last 50 years. Throughout those years, we’ve had one common denominator that we attribute our ongoing success to: people.

Championing Human Potential

Brightwing’s goal is to champion human potential by finding opportunities for people that are better than what they already have – this begins with our internal team members. 

We have a long history of developing our people from within. Brightwing’s former president, George Opitz, began his career as a recruiter in our Texas office. Jeff Genovich, who began his career as a Sales Associate, stepped in as Brightwing’s new President when George retired in 2022. Mick Narusch joined us 25 years ago as an Account Manager and has grown to lead as Brightwing’s COO. 

COO, Mick Narusch, and Junior Recruiter, Isaiah Chuhran, pose together at a retirement party thrown in honor of Brightwing President George Opitz.


This commitment to growing and developing our own people has played a large part in the accolades Brightwing has earned over the years: 

  • Named a Best Place to Work by the Dallas Business Journal 
  • One of INC. Magazine’s Top Small Company Workplaces
  • A Nationally-ranked Best and Brightest Place to Work 
  • 3 time recipient of a spot on Metro-Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest Places to Work list
  • 9 time awardees of Crain’s Cool Places (recently rebranded to “Best Places”) to Work 

Most notably, this past year Brightwing was named the 5th Best Place to Work in Southeast Michigan.

Five Brightwingers celebrate at 2023's Crain's Best Places to Work award ceremony.


People Are Our Business

Building relationships with our candidates and clients is at the core of our tenure.

Brightwing is made up of a team of people who take our mission to champion human potential to heart, put people at the forefront, and understand that career-matching shouldn’t be a transactional business.

Simply put, Brightwing knows there’s a human element to recruiting that cannot be ignored. Every recruiter at Brightwing has been a jobseeker themselves at one point; we understand that careers are for a long time. Therefore, new job placement is not a decision that we take lightly. 

This ideal is reflected in the praise we’ve received from Great Recruiters over the years. Great Recruiters is a candidate experience and management platform that solicits and measures feedback from tens of thousands of candidates from hundreds of recruiting firms across the country. Brightwing has been “Great Recruiters Certified” for multiple years now and was named a Top-Rated IT and Engineering Staffing Firm in 2023. 

One of the many office parties thrown in recognition of being named Great Recruiters Certified.


Furthermore, our salespeople know how instrumental a good hire can be. We have a long tenure with many of our clients and love hearing about how candidates we’ve placed have heavily influenced the organization.

On the other hand, we also know how detrimental a bad hire can be. That’s why we leverage our relationships with our candidates and clients to understand exactly what both parties are looking for. With this understanding we’re able to fill critical vacancies, reduce bad hires, and position new team members for long-term productivity. 

We deliver on these promises time and time again because we’re surrounded with a network of people – our team, candidates, and clients – who understand the importance of people at every step of the journey.  

Looking Forward

You don’t last long in an industry if you’re only thinking about today and tomorrow. 

Over the past 50 years, Brightwing has established itself as a proven, trusted, and time-tested staffing and recruiting solution. By creating a recruiting agency that values people – starting with the internal team – Brightwing is able to provide exceptional experiences for the people they serve.

Aaron, Gerald, and David Chernow celebrate Brightwing's tenure at its 50th Anniversary Party at the Detroit Athletic Club.


Looking forward, Brightwing plans on continuing to grow its people and create opportunities for our candidates and clients that maximize potential. With emerging technology and continuously evolving market conditions comes uncertainty and change – factors we are no strangers to after 50 years in business. Brightwing has and will continue to leverage technology to enhance the client and candidate experience. There’s one thing we know for certain: human interaction, personal connection, and relationship-building isn’t going anywhere for us. 

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