What Does It Mean To Get Sponsorship for Employment?

Many people from other countries wish to come work in the United States. But before you pack your bags and begin your job hunt, it is important to know a few things. If you are one of these people, or you are a company wishing to hire employees from outside the US, you need to know about sponsorship for employment. Sponsorship for employment is also oftentimes referred to as employment sponsorship or a green card sponsorship. Hiring foreign nationals is one way to hedge against labor shortages in the US. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about sponsorship for employment, including what is sponsorship for employment, how to get sponsorship for employment, what a sponsorship is, and more.                                                                     

What Is a Sponsorship for Employment?

There are plenty of staffing difficulties in the post-pandemic world. Amid America’s labor shortage and the Great Resignation, many employers across the United States are looking for the right candidate to fill open positions. The answer might lie in sponsorship for employment. But what is it?

Any noncitizen or nonresident of the United States of America who wishes to work in the US is required to obtain a visa. Employment for sponsorship is the process administered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as the U.S. Department of Labor. 

The exact details of sponsorship for the employment process vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa, the terms of employment, and the skill level of the foreign national. 

The purpose of sponsorship is to help the US control the influx of foreign labor into the country.

In the US, the USCIS caps the number of H-1B work visas given at 65,000 every year for those with a bachelor’s degree. An additional 20,000 are given to those with at least a master’s degree from a US school.

How to Get Sponsorship for Employment

Are you a job seeker from outside the US hoping to land an employment sponsorship? These are the steps to get sponsorship for employment:

Step 1: Obtain an Employment Contract

The first step to obtaining sponsorship for employment is to obtain a full-time job offer from a United States-located business. 

Step 2: Submit a Labor Certificate

Next, you must submit a labor certification to the Department of Labor for a non-immigrant visa. This says that the company could not find a qualified potential employee to fill the position within the country.

Step 3: Submit the Documents to the USCIS 

File your petition and supporting documentation to the USCIS. This might include contracts, qualifications, itineraries, and other similar documents. 

Step 4: Wait for Your Visa Sponsorship Application to Be Approved

Once all of your required documents are submitted, the USCIS processes your sponsorship application. The amount of time it takes for your application to be processed depends on the number of pending cases. It is possible that it could take months for an application to be processed. If your application is approved, both you and your employer (or sponsor) will be notified. 

What if My Sponsorship  Is Rejected?

If for whatever reason your application is rejected, both you and your employer will be notified. The reason for the refusal will also be included. Some reasons your application for employment sponsorship might be refused include a lack of qualifications or insufficient documents. 

How to Sponsor an Employee for US Permanent Resident Status 

If you are an employer who wishes to permanently hire a foreign worker who has been working for you with a temporary visa, you need to apply for an employment sponsorship. 

Step 1: Obtain an Approved Application for Permanent Labor Certification 

The first step is for the employer to obtain an approved Application for Permanent Labor Certification from the US Department of Labor, along with a fee. 

Step 2: Fill Out Form I-140 

Once the Department of Labor has approved the labor certification, the employer takes the next step in the process, which is filling out Form I-140, the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. This might be the first step if a prior Department of Labor certification is not required. 

Non-Immigrant Visas That Require Sponsorship

Any foreign national who comes to the United States for temporary employment qualifies for a non-immigrant visa. Most of these visas require sponsorship for employment. These are the options:

H-1B Visa

An H-1B Visa is for someone with a bachelor’s degree and who has special skills.

H-2A Visa

An H-2A Visa is for an agricultural worker. 

H-2B Visa

An H-2B Visa is for a general temporary worker. 

L-1 Visa 

An L-1 Visa is reserved for an inter-company transfer.

TN Visas 

TN Visas are reserved for Canadian and Mexican nationals.

Will You Now or in the Future Require Sponsorship for Employment Visa Status?

You may be asked to answer a work authorization question when applying for a job in the US Many job applications ask about work authorization and sponsorship. This helps employers maintain a legal workforce. One question you might have to answer is “Will you now or in the future require sponsorship for employment visa status?”

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