Employment BrandYou can think of your Employment Brand as your organization’s reputation as an employer. And the stronger your Employment Brand, the more, and higher quality, candidates you will attract. In order to market your employment brand, you have to discover what makes your company unique (or your Employee Value Proposition). Then you have to communicate that through various mediums, such as your career web page and social media. But more importantly, you have to engage your current employees in the dialogue. Think of them as your brand ambassadors. Encourage your employees to blog about company events and perks, get involved in user groups or associations and attend community events. When people love the place they work, they can’t help talking about it.



Why it gets better results:

1. Higher quality candidates. If you want to attract innovators and people at the top of their game, you have to be other places besides the job boards. The best candidates are sometimes passive candidates. And the best candidates want to work for companies with a great reputation that have a compelling, interesting and authentic story to tell.

2. It doesn’t expire. Employment Branding has more long-term value. Once you have successfully built your employer brand it will continue to positively affect your recruitment for years to come. As your Employment Branding content gets circulated, your internet search engine rankings will continue to increase and inevitably drive more talent to your company.

3. It’s more cost effective. Through Employment Branding you can drive organic traffic to your career page versus using paid job postings. Interesting and authentic Employment Branding also drives free referrals from your employees and your local and online communities.

Author: April Jennings