While fears may have been stocked regarding a job seeker crisis, the industry is not at that point right now. There continue to be a great number of open positions available across many industries and people are seeking and finding employment all over. In this article, we’ll discuss how job seekers can find the right fit, including what makes you the right fit for a position and vice versa and how to be a great fit for the position that suits you best. If you’re a job seeker looking for your next career move with the right job at an ideal company, clarity and organization can go a long way to achieve it.

Finding the Right Fit

Looking for a job can be sufficiently difficult and complex on its own, but working to secure the right fit for yourself is even more difficult. The right fit is a job that aligns with your career aspirations, bringing you closer to one or more of your ultimate professional goals. The right fit is also one in which you have a high level of job and employer satisfaction. However, figuring out what makes the right fit for you and finding it amongst the numerous other job postings and available options can be time-consuming and isn’t always cost-effective, depending on your outlets and methods. One of the best ways to find the right fit for you is through a qualified recruiter.


Before you start your job hunt, you want the tools and support that will maximize your time and efforts. You also want to be certain that looking for a new job is the best next step for you. If you aren’t wholly satisfied with your current job, changing jobs may not inherently fix the issue. Make sure you can’t address and resolve present problems with your current company before investing in a job hunt. Once you’re certain you want a job elsewhere, be sure to organize by clarifying your goals, building your personal brand, growing your professional network, updating your resume, and beginning interview preparations. Early preparation will help you find a job that is the right fit.

Why Would I Be a Good Fit for a Job?

In addition to early preparations, it’s important to also consider why you would be a good fit for a job and what a hiring company may look for in candidates. On both sides of a job, there are people invested in improving their current status, whether this is advancing their career or building their business. Answering why you are the best candidate for the job you feel is the right fit is vital to you securing it. Knowing this answer can also be handy during interviews, as it’s a common question from employers. Interviewers want to know you understand what they’re looking for in top candidates and can do the job well if they hire you.


One of the goals of an interview is to decide if you are the right fit for the job. Your objective as an applicant is to sell yourself to the interviewer, convincing them you are a strong and unique candidate. To establish yourself as the right fit for the job, you can explain why your personal traits make you an ideal candidate. One of the best ways to achieve this is by mindfully matching your skills and experience to the specific qualifications and requirements listed in the job posting. You can also emphasize your unique skills or show the interviewer how your accomplishments in previous roles effectively qualify you for this position with this company.

Being a Good Fit For a Job

On top of matching your qualifications to those listed in the job posting and positioning yourself as the right candidate for the job you seek, there are specific steps you can take to be a good fit for a job. For the qualifications and requirements listed in the job posting that you don’t explicitly or fully meet, consider how you might work to quickly satisfy them before applying. It’s also helpful to consider which points you may be able to satisfy on the job. Most employers understand that applicants won’t possess every point they list in their job postings, and simply seek to attract the attention of the most qualified candidates that have the highest majority of desired attributes.


When employers evaluate which applicant to offer a particular job, they not only assess your on-the-job competencies and skill level but are also looking out for the best fit for that specific role. Being a good fit for a job refers to having the experience and ability to carry out various job duties as well as having the right combination of character traits, soft skills, and career goals that align with the values and mission of the given company. Being a good fit also means fitting in well with the general culture of the firm at hand. The firm wants to have the right fit just as much as you do, and many of the benefits that come from securing the right match are mutual. 

How to Be a Great Fit for the Position

If you want to go above and beyond to establish yourself as a great fit for the position you desire, you can emphasize other specifics during interviews and communication. These specifics can include having a diverse background, a personable character, or exceptional teamwork and organizational abilities. You can also emphasize how you may contribute significantly to their efforts with a record of outperforming, deep knowledge of their company system, and minimal training requirements. Establish yourself as a valuable asset with specifics, including numbers and examples.

How Brightwing Can Help You Find the Right Fit

As a job seeker looking to find the right fit, knowing what you and employers are looking for can make a huge difference. For help finding and securing the right fit for your unique needs, contact Brightwing today. 

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